20 Most Underrated Movies of the Past 15 Years

It seems that each year, we are bombarded with television Ad after television Ad telling us what we should and shouldn’t do and what we should and shouldn’t buy. The media has control over most of our thoughts and has the power to persuade us one way or another. Because of this, it is likely that each year, there are those movies that are overlooked by much of society. For your benefit, I have made a list of the 20 most underrated, under-noticed, an under-appreciated movies of the past 15 years.1) Unbreakable: In my opinion, M. Night Shamyalan’s best work. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson clash to perfection in this film about two men, one with self-sustaining powers and the other, on the option side of the spectrum, susceptible to everything that is bad in this world.2) 12 Monkeys: I promise I am not starting a trend of Bruce Willis movies. However, this film, intriguing from start to finish, gives its audience a peek into the future of our planet. Bruce Willis goes back and forth between present and past, trying to save the day, as usual.3) Frailty: Probably Matthew McConaughey’s best film. About a very religious father who has visions and murders people who God has supposedly told him are demons from hell. Bill Paxton joins the cast in a movie with a tremendous twist.4) Almost famous: Thought Kate Hudson received acclaim with an Oscar for best supporting actress, this film is relatively unappreciated in the realm of movies. A superb cast including, Frances Mcdormand, Patrick Fugit, Billy Crudup, and Jason Lee takes us through the coming of age of an aspiring music journalist who travels around the country with an up and coming band. Full of sentimental moments, great music, and a look into the 70s world of rock, you are guaranteed to be enjoying this movie from start to finish.5) Friday Night Lights: An intense look into the arena of Texas High School football, this true story makes any high school athlete remember the great moments and amazing relationships they had on their teams. Good performances all around combined with realistic live football action makes for another great film. My favorite sports movie of all time.6) The Sandlot: A kid’s movie at heart, this movie has been watched by children for over a decade. However, it is also a film for adults, discussing Babe Ruth, parenting, and, of course, our pastime, baseball. Adults with enjoy every moment of this movie as it will bring them back to a time when their lives were precious and innocent and when the most important thing in the world was when they had to leave the baseball field.7) Hook: An amazing cast, including Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, and Julia Roberts makes this one of the most entertaining movies around. The story of Peter Pan is moved to the future after Peter had left neverland. Hook never forgot Peter and his lost hand. He wishes to fight once again and lures Peter back to neverland by kidnapping his two children. A new age look at Peter Pan, with real people, makes this film another must see.8) Fifth Element: Yes, Bruce Willis in on the list again. Although this movie is a little hokey, it is exciting throughout. An fun movie about aliens and the end of the world will keep you on the edge of your seat. The action and quirky moments are what make this movie thrive.9) Vanilla Sky: Tom Cruise hits the list with this movie that got little acclaim from critics. Once you start this movie, you will be glued to the screen. A great plot, and super twists throughout are what make this movie good. And Tom Cruise doesn’t get to wow audiences with his good looks the whole movie and his face is mutilated early in the movie.10) Boiler Room: A young cast of men portray a wall street stock broker company that cheats its clients into paying absurd amounts of money for stocks that don’t exist. One man’s world is destroyed by this and another’s is turned upside-down as he learns that he is not working at a real company.11) Resident Evil12) Hoop Dreams13) Butterfly Effect14) American Psycho15) Eyes Wide Shut16) Election17) School of Rock18) Donnie Darko19) Truman Show20) Con AirThanks for checking out my article. I write a lot. I’m aspiring to be a journalist as I am currently in college. I write on a variety of different topics, pretty much everything and anything actually.

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